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My name's Liz (or Lizzy if you like). I'm a college graduate with a B.A. in English and a minor in Studio Art, in my late twenties, working in retail, which is both sad and ludicrous. The art and writing degrees are being put to use with random independent gigs and writing projects. In the past these included being a ghost writer for a motivational speaker who helped villages in developing countries (his website is currently down unfortunately); volunteer editor for the local synagogue; and occasional art commissions. And now, finally, I've published an article on! (…) I'm currently working on a few creative projects.

So far, my artistic specialty is fan-art for obscure franchises and subjects, or famous ones that the average person my age still doesn't care about. (Particularly "Star Trek: Voyager," cyberpunk, film noir, and Peter Lorre.) More original artwork will go up as the writing career progresses.

If you enjoy Nostalgia-Critic-inspired movie reviews that are all the rage on YouTube now, I have a very amateur channel for reviewing film noir, cyberpunk, and movies that are just plain stupid. Right now the main focus is on “Noirgasmic Reviews,” where I dress up in stupid costumes and argue with dead movie stars while explaining what significance “Casablanca” or whatever has to us Millennials.

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This is an oldie I posted on the forums a while back. I decided to save a copy of it here in my journal, for a rainy day. I've touched up a few bits.

I've become quite notorious for 
responding sarcastically to bullying white supremacists nationalists on this site, which is a shame, since I hate Social Justice Warriors just as much. Well, almost as much. The only reason you don't hear about the latter as much from me is because we don't have as many SJW polluting our forums as bigots, or at least they don't make as much noise.

But thinking it over it occurred to me that the Social Justice Army of Tumblr has more than a bit in common with the "nationalists" on our Politics forum. I draw these comparisons because I want a break from using my brain before I go back to chores to encourage them to realize what they have in common so that they may join forces, and maybe even join in the bonds of holy matrimony. 

So without further ado, here are a few reasons why the Alt Right is just like Social Justice Tumbltards, and vice versa: 

:bulletwhite: Both are obsessed with "race," the "white race" in particular, upon which they place some rather large burdens...

:iconbetchplz: "You are responsible for everything your lily white ancestors did to minorities, even if your ancestors didn't personally do it. It's your duty to feel guilty and responsible for all the billions of deaths caused by Europe since its creation..."

:iconluciusragefaceplz: "You MUST bask in white pride, or forever be a slave to white guilt! It's your duty to marry as soon as possible and begin popping out white babies like Tic Tacs! The Mexicans and Blacks are beating us to it, and this is a RACE! (Har, har.) If you disagree YOU are responsible for the white race's destruction!" 

:bulletblue: ....while at the same time, taking away your accomplishments.

:iconhipsterarielplz: "Oh I'm sooo impressed by the college degree that the white-ruled society handed to you, and how you only got hired at your job because of white privilege!" 

:iconjustice-plz: "Well of course you won that art contest, you're white, and as such are genetically superior to your opponent. What? Most of them looked white? Well I'll bet they had some black or Indian ancestry that bogged them down. Wait, what do you mean the black artist almost beat you? Well he's just one of the rare anomalies..."

:bulletpurple: Japan however gets a free pass.

:iconaliceinwonderlandplz: "How dare you glorify the Victorian age by saying you like the fashion! You should be ashamed to have any relation to Europe, with its history of imperialism and genocide! I'm gonna finish making my kimono for my monthly anime convention now, just as soon as I make sure I do it in a way that isn't culturally appropriating Japan."

:iconba-kyunplz: "You're a traitor to your race, complimenting minorities and all that! It's scientific proof that blacks and Native Americans are in poverty not because of a domino effect of historical happenings, but because they are genetically less intelligent! Orientals, however, you can respect, as they score high on IQ tests. I'm going to update my anime avatar to something a little more gay." 

:bulletpink: Both want women to know their place.

:iconsnowwhiterapefaceplz: "Why do female action heroes always have to act masculine to be strong? If she's not physically kicking ass like a man, then she's acting reserved and private, which is an exclusively masculine trait! I demand heroines who are more feminine!"

:iconjafarplz: "Western women have destroyed society by attempting to become men, and concerning themseles with male endeavors such as careers and voting and sports."

:iconsnowwhiterapefaceplz: "I know! When will this sexist trend of women acting like men stop?"

:iconjafarplz: " agree with me?"

:iconsnowwhiterapefaceplz: "Of course not! That phallic snake staff of yours clearly indicates your links to rape culture. Now as I was saying, what's with all these women in fiction acting outspoken and opinionated, like men?" 

:bulletred: Both are venomously against using any kind of common sense precaution when it comes to mental illness.

:iconbetchplz: "What the hell do you mean I have to wait a while and pass a psych test before getting my irreversible sex change surgery? You transphobic fucks! Gay people don't have to pass a test to prove they're gay before they, um, you know, get fitted for their gay-guy glasses." 

:icongastonplz: "Haha, those tranny scum should just admit they're crazy, they need a shrink, not a sex cha--wait, what the hell do you mean I have to pass a psych test and a criminal background check before buying a machine gun? The Second Amendment means I have the right to buy whatever deadly weapons I want whenever I want, regardless of the fact that I'm a Schizophrenic who was once arrested for attacking my parents with a knife because I thought I was Batman and they were Cat Woman and the Joker. You ableist fascists!" 

Bullet; Orange Both suffer a crippling fear of reading a post before responding to it.


:iconlizzychrome: "I don't think we should be obsessing over 'race' so much. Actually, I think it's high time we got passed this stupid idea of categorizing the human species by 'race' altogether."


:iconspockwtfplz: "So you condone the genocide of the Indians and enslavement of the Blacks then? Because they're just inferior insects anyway, right?" 

:iconevilspockplz: "Why are you letting white guilt affect you so much? Why is it so hard to shed the guilt and admit that you secretly love your race with all your heart and accept White Nationalism as your god and savior? White Guilt, that is why!" 

Bullet; Yellow Both have a favorite word that ends in "ist."

:iconswanfireplz: "Stop drawing Pocahontas and Jasmin and Mulan, you RACIST!"

:iconbarbossaplz: Stop making fun of us who are proud to be white, LEFTIST!"

Bullet; Green Both are in a rather pathetic state of denial

:iconpincersplz: "It has nothing to do with 'political correctness.' It's simply about ignorance and stigmatization, so kindly stop saying something is 'crazy' because that word is ableist!"

:iconleonidasplz: "Stop calling me a white supremacist! I am not a white supremacist! I'm just proud to be part of such a superior race, and want to protect it from inferior races with lower IQs." 

Bullet; Black Both will swarm this thread with posts cherry picking small quotes which they will treat literally and use as proof of my "hypocrisy." And I will likely ignore most of them, in favor of responding to all the amusing troll posts I hopefully will find in my in-box.

Would you buy an adult coloring book of historical female pirates? 

6 deviants said Yes, if the drawing style was unique
6 deviants said Yes, if the pictures were elegant and detailed
5 deviants said Yes, but I wouldn't actually color it, I'd just keep it for the pictures and the trivia
4 deviants said No, that sounds lame.
3 deviants said Are you high?
3 deviants said Only if it was extremely cheap
1 deviant said Yes, if the pictures were simplistic and easy to color
1 deviant said There are already books like that. Originality is dead. Just draw the Disney princesses as pirates.


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AspiePie Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student General Artist
Tell me.... are you offended by this Native American Joke?

My name is Two Birds Fucking due to it is the first thing my dad saw... This is my sister, Dog Shitting... And this is my aunt Susana Montana! Her family wasn't orthodox!
Fievelplz Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
he said jews are rodents, that joke probably doesn't bother him

LizzyChrome Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You should probably ask a Native American person. My sexy tan notwithstanding I'm white as Han Hill. 
Johninadelaide67 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey you have some fantastic art here. 
LizzyChrome Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks dude! 

I'll have to check out your gallery too. Thanks for checking out mine! 
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Professional Artist
LizzyChrome Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god THANK YOU! I wasn't interested in that movie at all before, because I thought it would be 90% CGI bullcrap like all of Disney's other "live action" remakes, but what I saw in that trailer actually looked live action! I mean obviously the Beast's face and the talking appliances were CG, but the costumes, the scenery, it all looks so gorgeous! I am seeing this movie now. Thanks so much! 
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Professional Artist
Your welcome.
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Nice gallery:)
LizzyChrome Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you sir! 
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