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Disney Flappers are Getting a Redo

Thu Apr 6, 2017, 10:03 PM
  • Reading: "Eve the Awakening" by Jenna Moreci
  • Watching: MeTV again
I wanted to add Moana to my "Disney Flappers" series, and then I had a horrifying realization; my Disney flappers suck. 

I'm gonna re-draw them. 

Well, some of them. 

Others I'll just fix and tweak.

I am definitely not redrawing Elsa and Anna; I spent a horrifying amount of time on those two, and am mostly satisfied with the result; it just needs some tweaking. 

                                 Two for One by LizzyChrome

Most of the non-Disney flappers will not be redone, because they were drawn later and thus came out much better. So Tzipporah, Chel, Et. will just be given some new backgrounds and some touch-ups. 

The new versions will have a more consistent, art deco style, and hopefully better anatomy. They'll also have art-deco backgrounds, instead of the plain circles. 

When will I have time to do this? No clue. In all likelihood it will take a while. 


Actually, redoing this series is going to be a form of self-discipline, to keep myself away from the other massive projects I am not ready to start all at once. Channeling my drawing-time into fan art is always a good way to practice, since there's no risk involved with a thing you can't sell anyway. In the future though, I am seriously looking into creating fantasy calendars and possibly self-publishing illustrated fairy tale books for kids. But by the time I'm ready to start that stuff I'll probably be in my thirties and Trump will have nuked half the world already. 

That's all I have to report. Everybody have a good Easter, Passover, and Life Day. 

Chrome out. 

Would you buy an adult coloring book of historical female pirates? 

8 deviants said Yes, if the pictures were elegant and detailed
7 deviants said Yes, if the drawing style was unique
5 deviants said Yes, but I wouldn't actually color it, I'd just keep it for the pictures and the trivia
5 deviants said No, that sounds lame.
4 deviants said Are you high?
3 deviants said Only if it was extremely cheap
1 deviant said Yes, if the pictures were simplistic and easy to color
1 deviant said There are already books like that. Originality is dead. Just draw the Disney princesses as pirates.


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