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You're Welcome For the Giggle Water by LizzyChrome You're Welcome For the Giggle Water by LizzyChrome
Shortly before 1920, Hawaii had a strong population of Prohibitioninsts, and many on the islands were more than happy to see the Volstead Act go into affect. (…,…) But now, young Moana “Mo” Fisher wishes she could be a part of the roaring speakeasy life she hears so much about, over in mainland USA. Then her Grandma Tala confesses that she used to be quite the party animal in her day-- which was the late 1800s. Though obviously a Native Hawaiian, Granny was quite a fan of the English Decedent Movement when it was going on, and even traveled to London where she did absinthe at the Cheshire Cheese with Oscar Wilde. Grandma Tala tells Mo that a bit of partying is okay in moderation, but Mo’s father is venomously against any form of decadence, intoxication, or devil music (jazz).  

When Tala falls ill, she confesses on her deathbed to Mo that with the Roaring Twenties has come a growing darkness. All that illegal alcohol has to come from somewhere, Grandma Tala explains. And that somewhere is gangsters. The mafia is growing in power, and violence is rising in mainland USA every day. And the darkness affecting the rest of America is on its way to Oceana. The danger for Mo’s home is accelerating, since their tribe actually happens to have something that the Mafia wants. Tala opens the seashell locket she always wears around her neck, and inside is a bottle cork made out of solid emerald, with Native Hawaiian patterns surrounding a logo that reads: HEART OF TE FITI. This one-of-a-kind brand of rum was made and illegally sold only once, at a party on the island of Maui the night Prohibition went into effect. The unique rum with its invaluable corks was delivered by a mysterious rum-runner known only as the Rock. A Hawaiian himself, the Rock meant this rum to be a gift to his homeland, with the priceless emerald corks providing financial security for the tribes and businesses he distributed it to. All the corks have since been sold except the one in Tala’s possession.

The trouble is that the coppers have somehow found out about the Heart of Te Fiti, and are hunting down the corks as evidence and making arrests. This has lead to the countless crime lords involved in Te Fiti’s production to demand the corks’ returns at all costs. But only one gangster is willing to provide financial compensation to those who return a cork; a female mob boss known as the Volcano. To avoid trouble with the law and financial destitution, Mo must find the Rock, and convince him to help her deliver the Te Fiti cork to the Volcano. Along the way they must dodge overzealous cops, a group of jazz-playing hitmen called the Coconuts, and a vein gangster determined to get his claws on anything shinny.

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SuperMarioFan65 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Great work
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Thanks dude! 
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You're Welcome.
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